The beginnings

The American CryptoFed DAO was established by mSHIFT Inc. on July 1st 2021, a natural evolution from American CryptoFed Inc.

mSHIFT, founded in 1999 by Scott Moeller, pioneered mobile banking in the United States, and has a long history of working with community financial institutions and local merchants

learning from the MAG

Together with the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG), comprised of the top 165 retail merchants in the United States, accounting for over $4.8 Trillion in annual sales, mSHIFT testified before the Wyoming Legislative Select Blockchain committee on digital identity on June 12th, 2020. Prior to the testimony, MAG sent a request letter to the committee outlining the major principles of a Universal Digital Identity that American CryptoFed will implement.

mSHIFT and MAG executives have collaborated for over a decade through the Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup established by the Federal Reserve Banks of Boston and Atlanta. In 2021, mSHIFT passed it’s sponsorship of the MAG to the American CryptoFed.